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Use Dropbox to Cover Your Microsoft Office Butt

This is a tip I picked up from Sam Glover’s post over on The Lawyerist blog. Be sure to check out both Sam and The Lawyerist for great tips and techniques about the practice of law!

word autorecover 150x150 Use Dropbox to Cover Your Microsoft Office Butt

This tip is a no-brainer. Do it now! In Word (or Excel or Pow­er­Point), go to File > Options >Save, and set the Save AutoRe­cov­er infor­ma­tionto every 1 minute.

Then, set the AutoRe­cov­er file loca­tion to a loca­tion in your Drop­box (click the image to see my file path).

Voila! Now your AutoRe­cov­er files will be synced up with Drop­box so you can get them back if they dis­ap­pear from your hard drive.


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