Bags of Rice: They’re Not Just for Weddings Anymore!

rice1 Bags of Rice: Theyre Not Just for Weddings Anymore!

iphone underwater 220x220 Bags of Rice: Theyre Not Just for Weddings Anymore!Last night I had the unfortunate privilege of joining a certain esteemed group of people who’ve had the displeasure of baptizing their smartphone. I won’t get into the embarrassing details of how and in which water-centric room of the house, but suffice to say my iPhone 3GS took a quick bath.

iphone accs warning Bags of Rice: Theyre Not Just for Weddings Anymore!I scrambled to recover it and, with the speed of a trauma surgeon, began to blow dry it. Once all the visible water was removed I held my breath and pressed the unlock button. I was greeted with an unresponsive touchscreen and a message telling me that the accessory I was trying to attach was not compatible with my iPhone. I guess water truly isn’t a compatible accessory!

After seeing the look of despair on my face, my wife placed my fallen comrade in a ziplock bag of rice as a last ditch effort. I, in the meantime, had already logged onto AT&T’s website to see what my options were.

About two hours later my device unlocked itself and I pulled it from the bag to see the damage. Low and behold the touchscreen was back in action, and I was able to at least close the accessory error message, not to mention turn the device off. I left it alone for the rest of the night.

This morning I opened the bag again to check on the patient. My iPhone turned on without incident and appeared to function normally. At this point the only issue I had was that I would lose cellular service periodically, a common issue at my house. All other functions were operating per usual. I turned the phone back off and placed it back in it’s rice bag to see if it needed more time to “heal.”

iphone bandaid Bags of Rice: Theyre Not Just for Weddings Anymore!I can’t say for sure at this point that my phone is fixed, or even if the intermittent cellular loss could be blamed on the water. This is AT&T we’re talking about. I’ll check on my little buddy tonight and report back if the phone is truly back in action!

At this point I can comfortably say that the phone in a bag of rice trick is not an urban legend. It will truly work, if only to some degree. Your mileage may vary.

!!!UPDATE!!! I can safely say that my Lazarus phone is back in action. The bag of rice trick to save your cell phone is…


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