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Law Office Digital Workflow for Dummies

From time to time I'm asked how I took my office paperless. And sometimes I'm also asked why! Admittedly the latter question usually comes from those members of the bar I lovingly refer to as the "dictaphone crowd", but the answer is usually the same – convenience. I could wax poetic about the need for…

Review: Time Master + Billing Sync Module

As you've read before, I'm a die-hard supporter of On Core's time keeping and invoicing app known as Time Master + Billing. I use it everyday and I don't exaggerate when I say that without it I would lose money, time, and clients. The app is the sole means by which I keep track of…

Is It Time to Pull the Ipad Trigger?

Now that the IPad 2 is coming out the reasons why I’ve yet to dive into tablets are a distant memory. I liked the original iPad, but like a lot of attorneys I couldn’t justify for it my practice. With the new features in store for the iPad 2 it makes a lot more sense….

How I Started My Law Firm With Less Than $2,500 Worth of Technology

I was recently published in Technolawyer, your source for all things tech and law related! This article originated in Answers to Questions, one of nine free and award-winning email newsletters published by TechnoLawyer for lawyers and administrators who manage law firms and legal departments. Learn more about TechnoLawyer. January 6, 2011 IN THIS ISSUE 1….