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Use Dropbox to Cover Your Microsoft Office Butt

This is a tip I picked up from Sam Glover’s post over on The Lawyerist blog. Be sure to check out both Sam and The Lawyerist for great tips and techniques about the practice of law!

Onlive Desktop App for IPad Review

One of the chief complaints of iPad users is that it’s lack of a physical keyboard and system file storage prevents the device from being much more than a wonder toy. Put that baby to bed, folks because Onlive (yeah the video game people) has released Onlive Desktop for iPad. It’s a free download in…

Law in Dixie: Jamie Moncus Wins Huge Verdict with IPad

Today I’m excited to announce the beginning of a recurring series of commentaries and interviews of prominent attorneys and cases in the Southeast. “Law in Dixie” is my attempt to spotlight the great legal minds of our region both past and present. Check back each week for a new interview or commentary!   This week…

Google+ For Lawyers

Google recently released a beta program called Google +1 for a fortunate few to test. The program is a new social media platform, and invites were sent out in the past two weeks. The response was so positive that Google’s servers had to shut down, and only last week did the smoke clear enough to…

The More the Merrier with Dual Monitors

Today’s post is by guest blogger Stuart T. Ing, a bankruptcy attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii. You can follow his blog at his website,… Have you joined the multi-monitor revolution? If you haven’t, it’stime for you to join in. Why? For $150, you can double theamount of area you have to work on your computer….