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Review: Time Master + Billing Sync Module

As you've read before, I'm a die-hard supporter of On Core's time keeping and invoicing app known as Time Master + Billing. I use it everyday and I don't exaggerate when I say that without it I would lose money, time, and clients. The app is the sole means by which I keep track of…

How I Started My Law Firm With Less Than $2,500 Worth of Technology

I was recently published in Technolawyer, your source for all things tech and law related! This article originated in Answers to Questions, one of nine free and award-winning email newsletters published by TechnoLawyer for lawyers and administrators who manage law firms and legal departments. Learn more about TechnoLawyer. January 6, 2011 IN THIS ISSUE 1….

Iphone and Mifi: An Unholy Union?

Since it’s Christmas I thought I’d take a precious moment away from my precious tax write-off to talk about the most wonderful yet unlikely marriage since Burt and Lonnie – my new Iphone and Verizon’s Mifi mobile hotspot. I purchased this greatest of human achievements after playing with my wife’s iPhone, and hoping to find…