How Blogsy Brought Me Home

blogsy How Blogsy Brought Me Home

About a month ago I parted ways with WordPress for my blogging needs. It was a messy breakup. I wanted to be able to post images wherever I wanted in my posts. WordPress wanted to anchor my pics at the bottom. In the end we just couldn’t make it work.

As we were having problems, TypePad seduced me with its simpler layout and integrated SEO products. I grew weak and cheated. It was a short tryst. TypePad promised she would be more professional, and she’d show it in my blog posts. She promised to put my pics where I wanted. In the end it was all lies. Posting with my iPad put pics at the bottom of posts. She couldn’t get me the Google love I needed. She even charged me $14 a month like the tramp she was.

WordPress would call, make a lot of promises, and the grass did look greener, but nothing changed. But then came Blogsy. He made no promises – but one. Come back home to WordPress, and I’ll teach her to meet your needs. It sounded great, but I’d been hurt before. In a fit of desperation I paid Blogsy’s fee of $2.99, moved back to WordPress, and hoped for the best.

mzl.ostpylos.480x480 75 How Blogsy Brought Me HomeBlogsy put the spark back in my blogging! The app was intuitive. It was fun. It let me drag and drop videos and pictures where I wanted! It put all the media on one side of the app, and let me add text on the other – formatting in tact. When it came time to publish the post it pulled both pages together seamlessly, so I could spend more time on content, and less on formatting. With Blogsy’s help my relationship with WordPress is on the mend. It’s early yet, but I think we’ll make it.

  • Lance Barton

    Hello, I’m Lance, one of the guys Behind Blogsy.

    What a very well written post. I like the way you write. It sucked me in and didn’t let me out until the end – but I wasn’t ready to leave.

    Thanks for the ‘review’.