How to Get More Flipboard Pages

flipboard app iphone How to Get More Flipboard Pages

If you’ve got an iPad, then you’ve heard of Flipboard. It takes content from your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, and just about any other thing you can think of, and puts it in a magazine format. So what? Reading about somebody’s status update about looking forward to Friday is a lot less dull in magazine format!

But this post is not an attempt to sell anybody on Flipboard. Today’s post is for those of you like me who have to try and confine what you love to only the two pages Flipboard allows. It’s like deciding who to eat first in a plane sitting on the side of the Andes mountains.

Well put away the short straw and follow this tip: Odds are you use Twitter and have your feed linked to Flipboard. Next time you have to decide which content source tastes better, just follow them on your Twitter feed. Now you’ve essentially added another page to Flipboard without taking up more real estate. This way every time your favorite site updates their feed you’ll get it in your twitter page on Flipboard.