I Ain’t Dead Yet!

For the five of you who were wondering where I’ve been, I haven’t dropped off the grid by moving into a shack in the woods, though my mountain man beard is progressing nicely! I certainly last like finding a hole after spending yesterday in Tuscaloosa watching Alabama give away the game of the century! Believe it or not I’ve been practicing law for a change, and I am blessed to be busy.

I wanted to take a second to let y’all know that I’m working on some new articles that I hope will be helpful to the masses using iOS 5. I also want to brag a little and mention that if you own an iPad and enjoy the Flipboard app that I’ve reviewed before, you can now follow the blog by searching for The Soul Practitioner and adding the page to your board. Take credit for the Flipboard love! It is fairly selective of what pages make the cut, and your clicks and comments paved the way!