iPad 2 Review: Noterize

 iPad 2 Review: NoterizeNoterize ipad app 100x100 iPad 2 Review: NoterizeSince buying an iPhone and a subsequent iPad 2 I’ve been totally unimpressed with the notes app included with all IOS devices. I liked the concept of Microsoft’s OneNote program, but with a keyboard I couldn’t justify a need for it. But with iPad’s lack of a keyboard and the presence of a large touchscreen, OneNote’s functionality comes back to mind. Well finding OneNote for IPad was disappointing. None existed. There was an iPhone version, but it was little better than the included notes app. Bullets. Yay.

So when I came across Noterize during my search for a more creative way to take notes, needless to say I was not expecting much. But boy was I wrong! This thing can handle just about every type of information format you might want to populate in one place from audio, to annotations, to web snippets, even screen shots and photos. While it’s got a little ways to go as far as gesture responsiveness is concerned (I had to do a lot of tapping to get the keyboard to spring into action) I couldn’t be more pleased with the features. Perhaps my favorite is it’s ability to load and save documents to Dropbox. As y’all know I’m about a gnat’s ass away from getting the Dropbox logo tattooed on my body! I can’t get enough of it. I run my whole practice from it, and now having the ability to open a PDF of a note from Noterize and share that with colleagues or clients? Fugettaboutit!