Iphone and Mifi: An Unholy Union?

Since it’s Christmas I thought I’d take a precious moment away from my precious tax write-off to talk about the most wonderful yet unlikely marriage since Burt and Lonnie – my new Iphone and Verizon’s Mifi mobile hotspot.
I purchased this greatest of human achievements after playing with my wife’s iPhone, and hoping to find its flaws. I’ve been a loyal HTC fan for years so I thought that windows mobile was for grownups, and the iPhone was for highschoolers with dumb parents. I quickly stood corrected.
After my brief affair with my wife’s iPhone I knew I’d be filing the divorce paperwork against my HTC 8525 post haste. But wait. I’m not privy to a 3G network anywhere nearby. In steps my portable office and home Internet solution – the Verizon Mifi mobile hotspot. I use this marvel of technology to allow me to run mobile devices at my office through Verizon’s venerable EVDO network, yet still be able to bring the Internet home at night without paying two bills.
So what do I do when I want faster than 3G or Edge speeds on my iPhone? I simply toss the device in my pocket and I have the best of both worlds – the single greatest invention mankind has ever known coupled with the fastest mobile Internet known to man. Best of all when I’m home me and the misses can both be in an apptastic mood in the AppStore thanks to the Mifi’s ability to split it’s signal via wifi to up to five devices at once.
Finally to any naysayers out there who might criticize for carrying two devices at once citing bulk I’d ask you to check the size of the mifi and compare it to your status symbol cell phone of choice. I guarantee you’ll forget you’re carrying it before you know it. Merry Christmas to all and remember, don’t call it Xmas or the Christmas linebacker will get you!
Clark Stewart
The Soul Practitioner