Is It Time to Pull the Ipad Trigger?

Now that the IPad 2 is coming out the reasons why I’ve yet to dive into tablets are a distant memory. I liked the original iPad, but like a lot of attorneys I couldn’t justify for it my practice. With the new features in store for the iPad 2 it makes a lot more sense.
For example, while I run a paperless law office, the only benefit of the iPad was the larger screen. While it would look less disrespectful to access my Dropbox files on the big screen than my iPhone, it just didn’t justify the cost for a big, stripped down iPhone.
Then came the IPad 2. With it’s faster processor, two cameras, and the ability to hook it to a projector for the jury to see what I see, the price tag just got a lot sweeter.
I didn’t understand the real benefit of the new HD VGA mirrored display adapter over the older one until I learned that only certain apps could access the adapter. Therefore the jury wouldn’t be privy to all your evidence unless you used a compatible app to access it. With the new adapter what you see is what they see, be it your Dropbox folders, PDF images of admitted evidence, or even the final level of Angry Birds!
The addition of cameras is a big spur for me as well. Without them the old IPad was just an iPod to me. Even my 3GS iPhone had a camera to scan documents through the myriad scanning apps out there. But the iPad couldn’t do that.
With the iPad 2 I not only have the ability to scan documents on the fly, I can actually see what I’m scanning at nearly the same size as a piece of paper. Add the fact that I’ve got one more camera than my 3GS and I smell upgrade!
Another feature of both cameras is FaceTime. I’m glad I don’t have the ability on my iPhone, but for those I could call who have Face Time it would be nice to put the tablet on my desk, straighten my tie and have a face-to-face conversation. It would also facilitate meetings with out of town counsel.
The faster processor will come in handy in court when I want to pull up a case in Fastcase or a website due to Safari’s new faster caching abilities.
Finally, and totally unrelated to the practice of law is the new music and video editing apps available in the App Store for the IPad 2. I like the idea of creating video montages for which to torture my family.
One weird aspect of the new IPad is that there is no preorder period as in years past for virtually all of the other iOS devices. March 11th is D-day. I suppose Friday night I’ll be showering off the henna stink from the Tim Robbins types camped out for their new iPad. Damn hippies.
Clark Stewart
The Soul Practitioner