Lost Your In-App Sound on IPad 2?

Last night I noticed that all apps had lost sound when the headphones weren’t plugged in. Testing the sound in settings yielded normal audio, as well as YouTube and videos, but running apps requiring sound was a no-go. Read on for the solution.

The iPad 2 sports an upgrade over previous models in that it allows the user to select how the rotation lock switch handles tasks. Instead of being solely for locking the device in landscape mode, users can now make a change in settings to make the switch mite all sound when activated. This is a boon to attorneys who fear noise emitting from their device in court, but a software glitch has affected its function. If you, like me assigned “mute” as the behavior of this switch you’ve likely noticed a loss of sound in your apps, especially in games.

The fix? Close any apps that require sound by double tapping the home button to pull up the task manager. Hold down any app until it begins to quiver, as if you were about to make a deletion. Press the red delete icon next to all apps that play sound and close them. Go to settings and alter the setting to change your rotation lock switch to mute. Place it back to rotation lock then close settings. Open up your affected app as normal and then close it by pressing the home button, effectively leaving it to run in the background. Now go back to settings and change the switch’s function back to “mute”. It’s not a very logical fix, but as of now most apps have not been updated to account for the new function of the lock screen switch. I hope this clears up some confusion for those that were as lost as I was last night!

Clark V. Stewart
The Soul Practitioner

 Lost Your In App Sound on IPad 2?

  • Patricia

    You are brilliant! I have been without sound in some apps (not all) for the past 4 days. I tried most of the fixes online and they did not work. I had a trip to the Apple store planned for tomorrow. I’ve had the ipad only 3 weeks. Thanks for this, it worked perfectly. Did you figure it out all by yourself?

    • http://www.clarkstewartlaw.com thesoulpractitioner

      I can’t remember where I stumbled on the solution, but no, I can’t take credit! It was, however, pretty obscure information when I stumbled upon it.

  • Deleon616

    After closing apps with sound, I went to General Settings, changed from rotation lock to mute, muted then unmuted, changed back to rotation lock & turned on the app with sound. Worked for me this time..

  • Judy1960@gmail.com

    Thanks much for this, it worked perfectly!

  • P Medina Ribeiro

    It works! Thank you!!

  • Jreich101

    Didn’t work for me. I have closed everything, turned the machine on and off, muted and turned back on the sound from the side button. Nothing. Don’t know what to do now.

  • Danny G

    I changed the rotation lock to mute. Closed an reopened setting and changed mute back to rotation lick. This already did the trick. Thanks very much. It was often anoying that there was no sound, but now it works again :-)

  • david

    worked for me. thanks very much. especially since i associated the sound disapperance with the importing of a song file into garaband via the apogee jam digital interface. thought maybe i had fried something.

  • Motor City Mama

    Thank you, kind sir, this fixed the problem immediately. I was stymied for weeks. I don’t fully understand the logic behind the fix, but I’m glad you do!

  • CC

    Ok, this totally worked. It made no sense to me but I just followed your instructions blindly. Can’t believe it actually worked!