My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity Apps

From time to time we make changes in the way we do things. For Apple fans that usually means we’ve stumbled on a better app than what we have for what we want to do. Such is the case with my favorite apps lately. Some of these have been mentioned before by me and several others, but I felt compelled to group them into a top list of sorts. This isn’t your typical list. I’ll clue you in on what got booted from my home screen. Read on:

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1. ICab Mobile

icab mobile screenshot1 225x300 My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity AppsICab Mobile is the iOS Safari on steroids. How sad that we get used to get excited about being able to open a page in iBooks! How about being to open that link in nearly every program on your device. Better yet how’d you like to not only watch that movie clip, but download it as well? Download it to your Dropbox account? You get the picture. ICab Mobile does for it’s users what only a jailbroken device used to be able to do! So long Safari!

Noterize ipad app 100x100 My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity Apps2. Noterize

 My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity AppsNoterize, as I’ve mentioned before is a feature-packed note-taking app quickly voted Penultimate off the island as my means for making lists and organizing thoughts. It allows the sharing of notes via email and several other methods, but perhaps the coolest features are it’s Dropbox support as well as the ability to capture web snippets.

blogsy My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity Apps

3. Blogsy
Blogsy is one of the reasons why I switched back to WordPress from TypePad. I like WordPress just fine. It’s a little technical, but with their developer community you can do anything with it. In fact my website for my office is just a self-hosted WordPress blog with a fancy premium theme designed to look more like a standard webpage than a blog. However, the main, infuriating drawback to WordPress was it’s iPad app. I hated it. You could never really be sure that it was saving your post. I lost a lot of work that way. But even worse was its inability to let me decide how to format my posts. It was enough to send me to TypePad at $15 a month! Yeah. That bad.

 My Favorite IPad 2 Productivity Apps

Blogsy, which is what I’m using right now to type this post, has a ridiculously vast feature set. You can pull in photos from Flikr, Picasa, videos from YouTube, google images, or even pages from the internet in general – all from a sidebar. The genius of the app comes into play when you’re ready to add this content. You simply drag and drop your custom content anywhere you want in the text. Admittedly, I haven’t perfected photo placement, and I don’t know why sometimes it places things one way, but displays differently when you publish, but it’s still better than WordPress any day of the week. Blogsy also links to your Blogger account as well at this time. While there may not be a perfect solution for getting content to your blog from your IPad, Blogsy is definitely best in show for the time being.

These are my favorite productivity apps for now, and whatever apps in the future come my way, they’ll have to chop pretty hard to knock these from the top of the totem pole!

  • bp

    Thanks for this blog post. I downloaded iCabMobile this morning and replaced Safari on my “old” iPad 1. Looking forward to seeing more iPad app reviews.

  • Jeff

    Great post!
    What about Must Do Today?

  • Appsicum

    Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler
    and Location Alerts Productivity apps, they are pretty cool.