Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – All Worth it for the IPad 2!

I had decided that an iPad would really help my paperless office.
Dropbox on my iPhone is not terribly practical, and apparently
improper courtroom etiquette judging by the angry stares of, well, the
I came to this realization the day the iPad 2 was announced when I
learned if had two cameras added. I was wowed as usual but was sure
I’d have to wait until June or maybe even this fall for the new
precious. I flipped when I heard today was the day.
I thought I’d be slick and forgo the drive of 45 miles to the nearest
Apple store by visiting my nearest Verizon store. I called and was
told it would be in today and go on sale at 5pm. I schedule an
appointment for 5 and gloat at the Engadget coverage of all those poor
souls waiting in line.
Finally 5 rolled around and I bebopped down to Verizon for the red
carpet treatment. I waltz in to a quiet store and announce my arrival.
My personal salesman with whom I’d scheduled approached and, after
introductions, led me to her kiosk where she stated, “So, are you
ready to order your iPad 2?” Wait. WHAT?!?!! Yeah no iPad 2s in stock.
I started seeing red, and my precious slipping away. She nonchalantly
said they never got any in and that she’d have to order it. I said I’d
just go somewhere else and she told me that her ordering it would be
just as if I’d ordered it myself, but without the hassle. Apparently
she thought she was doing me a favor by letting me drive across town
for her to be the two-finger-pecking medium between me and
I had to decline.
Now the mad dash was on! I was reduced to just another crazed sole on
launch day in an instant. Just another squirrel trying to find a nut.
I called the local Wal Mart and could hear the madness. I’ll just go
to the other one in the sketchy part of town. I started heading that
way. Halfway there I finally get through to the electronics department
where the clerk told me that none had come in and they weren’t
scheduled to get any. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what an iPad was.
Now across town and manic I haul tail back to the Wal Mart that had
actually heard of the device. Luckily it wasn’t as wild as the sales
guy made it out to be. I had a pretty big selection to choose from –
six units. I bought 2! One for me and the courtroom, and one for my
wife, so that mine would actually make it to the courtroom!
Now home and not being an early iPad adopter (this is my first), I
have to say the insanity is totally worth it!
Clark V. Stewart
The Soul Practitioner