Is Siri Dropping the Ball? Try this Solution!

siri icon 180 5229628 Is Siri Dropping the Ball? Try this Solution!Is Siri, that sultry assistant residing on your new iPhone 4s letting you down? Is she repeatedly asking for time off, complaining about her lack of network connectivity? It’s frustrating, nigh infuriating when you get used to using her, but I’ve stumbled upon a solution. I can’t take credit. It was the result of a search of Apple as well as other Cupertino support forums. But I can say that so far it works.

I don’t know what her deal is, but sometimes Siri wants a day off. You conjure her up, ask your question, and she reluctantly notifies you of an issue with your network. She’ll apologize, which doesn’t earn points in my book. She’ll say there’s a problem, or some other trite excuse. What’s worse is that I’ve yet to have a network issue when she complains. I’m always in a 3G area, and I can access the internet or Facebook with success.

My hypothesis is that constant switching from 3G to various WIFI hotspots may be to blame, but I’m not IT guy. So far this solution has worked for me. Simply go into “Settings,” then the “General” tap. From there scroll to the bottom until you see the “Reset” tab. From here you’ll see a lot of scary options such as “Reset All Settings”, “Erase All Content and Settings”, or “Brick my iPhone”. Ok, I made that last one up! Click “Reset Network Settings”. Your phone will restart itself. You may have to re-join your WIFI networks with your password, but in the two times I’ve had to do this Siri worked as advertised.

It’s important to remember that at this time Siri is still in beta testing, which means that there are plenty of bugs to be ironed out. Apple is already announcing increased functionality for the app, and I expect that in future updates it will get even more powerful. I hope that this workaround proves useful to you, and that you haven’t already thrown your iPhone into the street!