Technology Shortcomings Hit Home

A little over a week ago my family’s life was rocked when my father called to tell me my mother was in the hospital. She had a stroke. I write this post from my iPad in a hotel room attached to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, where Mom still lies in a comatose state. Prayers are appreciated.

The iPhone pulse oximetry device Technology Shortcomings Hit Home

Obviously I have been too preoccupied to post here in this past week, but this nagging topic bears committing to the cloud: Technology has a long way to go. This was never more apparent than when they were rushing my mother into emergency brain surgery. Her quarter-sized bleed had exploded into a massive hematoma.

As I lay here listening to the sound of the LifeSaver helicopters approaching for the fifth time as I write this piece, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if my mom had a device like the one pictured above. It’s called an IPhone Oximeter, and it monitors your heart like the massive screen that resides by my mother’s bed. Unfortunately it’s not on the market yet. And that’s the problem. Some technology is just too important to let sit around waiting for marketing to come around. In Mom’s case it would have been helpful to be an early adopter.

I imagine my dad placing this device on her finger when she mentioned feeling dizzy and losing sight. Of course it wouldn’t have made a difference. Dad had her in the E.R. within minutes of her stroke. But what if she had had this device handy on a daily basis? She could have truly monitored her heart, and with the device’s ability to store the readings online or allow her to share via email with the hospital or her doctor, I can’t help but think it would have been worth having.

 Technology Shortcomings Hit Home

In hindsight I think that if it’s worth having you should have it.

I ask y’all to continue to pray for my family in our time of need, and I thank those of you who have reached out. It’s been truly incredible. Also please pray for all the families at UAB right now. I just heard the chopper approach again.