The More the Merrier with Dual Monitors

Today’s post is by guest blogger Stuart T. Ing, a bankruptcy attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii. You can follow his blog at his website,

062707 2040 DualMonitor1 The More the Merrier with Dual MonitorsHave you joined the multi-monitor revolution? If you haven’t, it’s
time for you to join in. Why? For $150, you can double the
amount of area you have to work on your computer. Imagine not having
to minimize your email window to open your wood processor. While
it may only take a flick of the wrist and a click of the mouse to
lower or raise a window, you’ll be surprised how much of a time saver
dual monitors can be, more so when you cut and past a lot between windows.

Best of all, most newer computers are already set up for 2 monitors.
Take a look at the back of your computer where the monitor cable plugs
into the computer. Is there an empty plug where you could plug in a
monitor? If there is, try plugging in another monitor. For testing
purposes, the 2nd monitor doesn’t have to be the same size or brand or
resolution as the primary monitor.

Then try right clicking anywhere on the desktop and select
“properties> settings”. There will will be an option to copy the
display to the 2nd monitor (this is useful if you want to show someone
else what you are doing while you work on the primary monitor). The
other option will be to extend the desktop onto the other monitor.
This will probably be the one you want to try. The resolution and the
position of the 2nd monitor can be set independently. So you can put
the 2nd monitor next to the first one, but you can just as easily put
it above or below the 1st monitor. You can also rotate a monitor into
portrait mode. This lets you see entire sheets of paper at once for
faxes or word processing.

I’ll let you bask in the glory of two monitors, but it too is just the
tip of the iceberg. If two is good, why not three or four or more.
To add more monitors, you will either need to crack open your
computer’s case and add another video card or use a USB video adapter
or change you existing video card to one that has more than 2
outputs. If this sounds like Greek to you, go to your local computer
repair shop and have them handle the installation.

Flat panel monitors sell for around $150 at Costco or you can also use
a flat panel TV (the resolution for TV is low compared to computer
monitors, so I only recommend it for your non-primary monitor). The
number of monitors is only restricted by your desk area. Give it a shot and you’ll be amazed at the boost in productivity, not to mention feel like an evil villain in his high-tech, top-secret lair!