Why Time Master Helps Keep the Lights On

Since purchasing my iPhone 3gs (and one for the Mrs.) around Christmas I have become addicted to downloading apps for my new precious. But what does a fledgling lawyer use after all the new iPhone smell has faded away? Read on!

  1. Time Master – I can’t say enough great things about this app. It literally paid for itself the first time I added a time entry for a 20 minute phone call to a client! Written by tech gurus who have attorneys in their families, it lends itself easily to the type of function that most all attorneys need in a billing program. There is a learning curve, but the website has a great FAQ section and tutorial, not to mention having super accessible tech support guys. After about three weeks with the app I have all but mastered its functions and am amazed daily at its ability to capture hours (and partial hours) I was forgetting to bill for.
    Time entry being its selling point, it has other features which will blow your mind. For example the ability to backup your entire database with a desktop client on the same wifi network makes sure a damaged iPhone won’t ruin your paycheck!
    Also the app makes it incredibly easy to get personal reports for the time you enter be it by case, project, client or months and days. This report comes to you via an emailed text file, which is extremely useful when you have to itemize your hours for attachment to a fee declaration (that’s how us criminal defense lawyers get paid for appointed cases for all you biglaw guys!)
    Finally, the mantra of this program should be “intuitive”. Everything just sort of makes sense with this app. It understands what you what to do and makes it happen. I could go on for days about this app, so rest assured that it is worth whatever they charge for it. I use it and depend on it for my practice, and you can too!