Zoogue BinderPad Pouch Review

ZooGue BinderPad iPad 2 Black Case  60698 std Zoogue BinderPad Pouch Review

Tim Angel, the founder of Zoogue, purveyors of ingenious iPad accessories, was kind enough to send me his new BinderPad Pouch for review. When I stumbled across his product the first thing that came to mind was, “Duh!” The pouch is so simple that I can’t believe I never thought of it myself!

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Simplicity aside this thing is genius. No more trying out case after case for the iPad only to be disappointed. I’m a portfolio man, but the products that fall into that category have tried to reinvent the wheel. What I mean is that the case is catering to the size of the iPad, which is smaller than a sheet of paper. As such, when I go to the courthouse I have no way to tote the contents of my inbox back to the office without performing elaborate origami. If I’m going to scan the paper I’d prefer it remain pristine. Zoogue realizes there are way more three ring binders around than iPad cases, and until paper gets smaller there’s no point trying to make smaller cases.

The BinderPad Pouch conforms to the paper world, not vice versa. It takes a very secure, elegant pouch, and attaches strong grommets to make the iPad compatible with any standard three ring binder. Think of your favorite binder, or an elegant leather binder you’d like to bring to trial. In the past you would have had to leave it at the office in favor of an iPad, or worse, bring them both. I’m a proponent of the less is more theory, so this niche product fills a hole in my heart of which I didn’t know I was suffering!

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The pouch itself is of very high quality, in keeping with all of Zoogue’s offerings. It comes in gray or black, and is designed specifically for the thinner iPad 2. Simply slide your precious into the top of the pouch, then fold the Velcro tab in behind the device. You won’t have to worry about the iPad wiggling or sliding back out. All ports are easily accessible – there’s even a cutout for the rear camera.

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Once my eyes were opened to the possibilities of different ways to carry my iPad I set out to find a binder worthy to house it. I lucked up and found a portfolio from Cambridge at Office Max for $15. It has pockets aplenty both on the outside and inside, business card holders, pen loop, and 8.5×11″ notepad. The beauty of housing your iPad in a three ring binder is that by the nature of how a binder folds closed, the screen is protected from the rings. I can rest at ease knowing that the iPad will be scratch free when it is employed again.

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I love the versatility of this product. Coincidentally it has taken on a larger role as my iPad case of choice lately. Unsnapping the pouch from my binder leaves me with a comfortable case. The soft inner lining of the pouch creates a slight cushiony feel to the pouch. When I fold the grommets behind the iPad it makes for a secure hold. When I’m walking through the house I find myself toting it by the grommets. I’ve also discovered the grommet tab is a great place to store that stylus I’m always loosing, and for the inventive you can even hang the unit from two parallel hooks for a landscape mount maybe under your kitchen cabinet. In fact, since receiving this pouch I have yet to take my iPad out of it!

I suspect that Zoogue’s new product will be a hit with college students since textbooks are increasingly being offered in digital format, but I think the BinderPad will be a real treasure to the litigators among us. Imagine how powerful your trial notebook would be with a PDF annotator, file storage system, email, calendar, and evidence presenter built right in?

Again I’d like to thank Tim at Zoogue for his generous offer. If you have a moment continue reading his story at his website to learn how he took a need to support himself and, with hard work, molded it into an amazing company. The Zoogue BinderPad Pouch retails for $29.99 plus $4.99 flat shipping.